Yummy Yummy Dumpling

Yummy Yummy Dumpling
79 Huron Street

I discovered Yummy Yummy Dumpling from Groupon as they had a deal going. The restaurant is located underground in the old Mother’s location.  I’ve tried my fair share of dumpling restaurants (Mother’s being one) and I must say that Yummy Yummy might just be the best of the lot.

They serve up their dumplings 3 ways (boiled, fried or steamed).  Boiled is definitely not the way to go as a lot of flavour is lost in the boiling process; if you want to be healthy then go for the steamed; but fried is definitely the way to go for texture and flavour!


There are also a variety of cold and hot dishes, though I think I’ll pass on these next time as the Sour & Spicy Seaweed was mediocre at best and I’m really not a fan of the thicker type of seaweed they use.

Fried Curd Noodles @ Yummy Yummy Dumpling

The Fried Curd Noodles is served with thin strips of cucumber on a bed of Udon noodles.  The fried curd sauce was salty, and didn’t have much distinct flavour other than that.

Beef Pancakes @ Yummy Yummy Dumpling

The winning dish for me were the Beef Pancakes which are basically flattened-out dumplings in the shape of a round disc.  The beef had chives in it, and was tender, moist, and extremely flavourful.  I think they flavour it with Chinese five-spice and I would definitely recommend it.

Fried Pork, Chive + Shrimp Dumplings @ Yummy Yummy Dumpling

We got the fried Pork, Chive and Shrimp Dumplings.  I found it peculiar that these dumplings were only sealed at the top but exposed at the sides.  It was not a plate of grease, and the dumpling wrappers are house made with the right ratio of thickness to them.


For $23 (less the $20 voucher), we were stuffed.  This is a very mom-and-pop-style restaurant with very simple but functional decor.  It is clean, and service was great.  I’d come here any day over some of the other options on the busier streets of Spadina.

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