Yelp Elite Event: Speakeasy @ Herbal Infusions

Herbal Infusions Tea Co.
404 Adelaide Street West
Tea House

Last night I attended the last Yelp Elite party of the year :(  I have submitted nominations to be a member of the 2012 team and am keeping my fingers crossed that I’m in!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Yelp, it is a website similar to Yellow Pages, but in addition to business contact information, you will find user reviews.  Elite members are usually very active in their respective communities.  For more information on how to become a Yelp Elite, you can click here.  Being an elite member means that you get to attend on a monthly basis, events hosted by Yelp that boast a good time, free drinks and hors d’oeuvres and a chance to meet a lot of great people.The event was held at Herbal Infusions Tea Co. just off the corner of Adelaide & Spadina and a handful of eager elites were anticipating tea-infused cocktails. Michelle Tham, our master mixologist, was stellar as she single-handedly and personally mixed up all our drinks.  You can follow her @mtham416 on Twitter. If you aren’t quite the pro like Michelle, recipe cards for all 3 drinks were provided so that you can replicate them at home.  The syrups were also on sale for $10.  I will definitely be redeeming my $10 check-in offer for the Lomi Lomi and Orange Oolong Syrups.The drink menu as pictured above featured tea-infused cocktails via tea syrups.  All three drinks were so good that I can’t choose a favourite.  If I were to make these myself I might go a little lighter on the syrups though – unless I’m making dessert cocktails!  The hors d’oeuvres were also tea-infused featuring Fruit Skewers with Rooiboos Syrup, Black Tea Smoked Duck Breast with Summer Peach Preserve on Smoked Tea Flatbread and Chai Tea Rice Pudding “Arancini” (rice ball) with Vanilla and Saffron.  There were also bowlfuls of Green Tea popcorn.  Who says tea is just for drinking?

Herbal Infusions has a whole wall full of teas, and I am anxious to know how our “name the tea” exercise turns out.  We were all asked to smell a new blend of tea and asked to partake in naming the new blend that will hit the shelves soon.  It smelled like coconut and chocolate.  So I scribbled down Cocoa Chanel and S’mores.  I think I’ll leave the marketing to the pros!    In addition to tea, they also have very cute tea sets for sale and a lot of unique tea syrups (which I will be back for!)

Thanks again to our community manager Vivek S. for putting on such a great event and for introducing me to such a great tea shop.  I will be coming back to try their impressive display of teas.  I loved that the ladder for the tea shelf was a sliding one… makes me feel like I’m in an old library somewhere.  It was très Belle (if you get the reference).



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